An Intimate Gaze at Honey and Silk’s Favorite ThirdLove Bras

An Intimate Gaze at Honey and Silk’s Favorite ThirdLove Bras

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This post originally appeared on Honey and Silk.

The necessity of beautiful lingerie.

When I’m curating my wardrobe by investing in staple pieces like tailored wool pants or a silk bias-cut dress, I don’t forget the illusory layer underneath it all: lingerie. Beautiful lingerie is the essential foundation of any look; it could keep silk flush to the skin or peek its romantic detail from a well-placed cutout. It makes you feel good underneath, like a tender secret that heightens the curves of your lips and makes your eyes twinkle brighter. A great lingerie wardrobe is worth investing in because you wear it for yourself and you can and should wear your best bra on even the rainiest day.

The best kind of bra is well fitted and tailored to your unique frame, while comfortable and effortless. ThirdLove helps women look and feel perfect with their innovative iPhone app that customizes beautiful bras to their measurements, introducing half sizes to accommodate all figures. I used ThirdLove’s virtual fitting to find my most accurate bra size and then stocked up on a few bras in a violet color story, inspired by my current seasonal palette. Pretty lace, buttery softness, and pleated details make up ThirdLove’s elegant collection of lingerie and I wanted to highlight the features in looks that reveal an intimate peek. ThirdLove is the go-to lingerie brand that I’ve been waiting for and I hope you check out their bras for yourself!

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