Color Story: Sunset Shades

Color Story: Sunset Shades

portrait of Emanuel Perez
Emanuel Perez

Curated colors that tell the story of our seasonal inspiration. Here is the story of our latest: Sunset Shades

Is there anything more magical than golden hour? The moment the sun starts to set and washes the world in golden light, we can’t help but lose ourselves in an overwhelming admiration for life and its beauty.

To help you create your own golden hour, our team designed a new set of warm neutral colors inspired by the glow of a setting sun. As you bask in the warmth of Copper, Rose Gold, Rose Dust, and Mocha, we hope you feel a similar admiration for yourself and the person you’re working to become.

Close up shots of three diverse women modeling ThirdLove's lace bras and underwear in warm sunset colors.

Shop the warm sunset-inspired shades below:

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