How to Put on Your Bra for a Better Fit

How to Put on Your Bra for a Better Fit

Let’s take things from the top.

You can’t know if your bra fits unless you put it on the right way. Fit Expert Ra’el Cohen walks us through every step of the process. From how to put on your bra correctly, to evaluate the fit, Ra’el shares her insider knowledge on how to figure out if you are wearing the correct size, the right way.

Need the full breakdown? We’ve got it for you right here:

Steps to putting on your ThirdLove bra: set your clasp to the loosest hook, tighten the straps to feel secure, and scoop your breasts up ensuring they are completely in the cup

Still stumped? Take our Fit Finder® Quiz to find a size, fit, and style that’s all right for you. Remember, returns and exchanges are always free. 

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