Say Goodbye to Panty Lines

Say Goodbye to Panty Lines

portrait of Emanuel Perez
Emanuel Perez

Our Comfort Stretch Underwear Collection 

A person holding and stretching ThirdLove's seamless underwear, the Comfort Stretch Thong in nude.
ThirdLove’s Comfort Stretch Thong in Taupe.


Smooth, sleek, and beautifully simple, our Comfort Stretch Underwear is made for a second-skin fit that feels like nothing, only more comfortable.

A no show underwear designed to eliminate panty lines, our Comfort Stretch Collection is stitch-free with smooth seams—no bunch or digging—so that every pair fits perfectly, and invisibly, under any outfit.

The design process took over a year and 27 steps, including incorporating customer feedback, and opting for bonded seams to ensure a smooth fit, to deliver underwear that makes your dressing routine that much easier.

Discover the collection below:

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Additional reporting by Nicole Yi. 

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