Meet Arah Sims: First Recipient of the TL Effect

Meet Arah Sims: First Recipient of the TL Effect

portrait of Emanuel Perez
Emanuel Perez

“Women of color are prolific entrepreneurs, but there’s a huge gap between that participation in entrepreneurship and the access to the capital that’s needed to scale and grow those businesses.”

Said beautifully by our very own Veronique Powell, we started the TL Effect to solve for the imbalance amongst business leaders and the lack of representation from women of color. We spread the word that we were looking for a consumer-focused start up, led by a woman of color, to help them scale a successful business. After receiving over 650 outstanding applications, we found our first recipient: Arah Sims, of Kyutee.

One of a kind nail art (that you can even have customized!) that comes in easy to apply polish wraps, Kyutee caught our attention for the amazing versatility and possibilities it offers for the beauty industry and consumers. Ready to change the way you think about manicures, we are excited to partner with Arah Sims to bring Kyutee to the next level.

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